July 30, 2018

You Are the Light


In this video, Tom Booth sits down with Sarah Hart to discuss her new song, You Are the Light.

After preparing her kids for school one day, Sarah received an email from Rick Modlin of OCP, which mentioned the need for more songs focused on the light of Christ. She went to the kitchen to start the dishes, and started singing, the yet-to-be-written hymn, “You are the light that stands alone in depth of night and eye of storm.” The song unfolded from there.

The song reminds us that there is holiness to be found in the mundanity in everyday life. It’s in the small things. The light of Christ.

“You are the light that stands alone in depth of night and eye of storm. Where shadows fall, you enter in. Ignite with hope what dark has dimmed and though our eyes may fail to see, it is the heart that’s given sight. Through night and storm to trust in you, upon our path, you are the light. You are the word that’s written deep, within the hearts of all who long, for endless days beyond the sky, for peace on earth, the kingdom come. We sing the name that heals our souls and share the way, the truth, the life. For hearts that long, both lost and found, we speak the word, you are the light.”


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