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  • Sacrament of Holy Orders

      What is the apostolic ministry of a deacon, priest and bishop?These days, in the prevailing culture at least, anyone...
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  • Anywhere For You

    In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, God is there. In this powerful song, Cooper Ray sings of faith in the Lord’s love and mercy....
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  • I Rejoice

    Sarah Hart’s setting of the Magnificat captures the joy of Mary’s iconic prayer as she reflected on all the wondrous things God had...
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  • Hymn to Christ the King

    Sarah Hart collaborated with her friends Josh Blakesley, Sarah Kroger and Ike Ndolo to compose a contemporary hymn that celebrates the c...
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  • Chastity and holy matrimony: Being husband and wife

      Chastity for a husband and wife in holy matrimony?Outside of Christianity, the concept of chastity is not well under...
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