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Breaking Bread Digital Music Library


This comprehensive online subscription offers all the songs in Breaking Bread, Today's Missal and Music Issue PLUS the resources to bring them to life—all from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. It’s the perfect way to get your musicians the music and recordings they need, when they need them.

Available  through ICR Music, Breaking Bread Digital Music Library offers the music you know and love, all in one place, in an easy-to-use format.


What’s included?

  • Free access to the comprehensive online liturgy preparation resource,
  • Keyboard and guitar accompaniments for all 850+ songs in  Breaking Bread, Today's Missal and Music Issue
  • Solo instrument accompaniments for more than 700 songs
  • Choral settings for over 570 songs from Choral Praise, Third Edition
  • More than 900 MP3 recordings
  • Psalms and Gospel acclamations for the entire year from Respond & Acclaim
  • Ritual texts for various rites and holy days such as Morning & Evening Prayer, Blessing and Distribution of Ashes and more
  • Prayers, devotions and blessings for individual, small group and parish use

Other features:

  • Anytime access from your computer or mobile device
  • Advanced search and filter options
  • Customizable song lists for each member of your ensemble
  • Songs available in multiple formats
  • Unlimited reprint permissions
  • Zero usage reporting
  • One affordable annual price

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  Digital Edition Physical Goods
Text and Melody Unlimited
Keyboard Accompaniment Unlimited 1 book
Guitar Accompaniment Unlimited 1 book
Solo Accompaniment Unlimited  
Respond & Acclaim Assembly Unlimited 2 books
Lyrics Only Unlimited  
Choral Settings from Choral Praise, Third Edition Unlimited  
Ritual Texts some
Prayers some
Reprint Permissions  
Ability to share any and all of the above with your musicians  
Automatic updates  
Shipping costs  

*Physical goods include missal, accompaniment books (1 copy each included with 50+ missal subscription) and Respond & Acclaim (2 copies included with 50+ missal subscription).

One License

One License

Music from OCP, GIA, WLP and dozens of top sacred music publishers

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