On Eagle's Wings

Fr. Michael Joncas, composer of the cherished hymn “On Eagle’s Wings,” shares his own story of battling Guillain-Barré syndrome and, in doing so, guides others toward God’s loving care and comfort on the journey from sickness to recovery.
On Eagle's Wings [Book Softcover]

Father Michael Joncas — gifted liturgical composer, author, speaker and professor — has written a personal book detailing his experience of battling infirmity, exploring how these challenging times can lead us toward great spiritual discernment and growth.

Catholics and Christians around the world know Fr. Joncas’ song, “On Eagle’s Wings,” with its inspiring lyrics about hope. In this same-named book, he once again touches people’s hearts through his words about keeping faith alive, even in times of frustration and powerlessness.

The book offers key insights to help readers who suffer chronic illness, or who care for a suffering loved one, grow from spiritual darkness to a new light and life, powered by a rediscovered confidence in God.

The chapters include an introduction, an account of Fr. Joncas’ feelings of chaos and confusion brought on by his diagnosis of Guillain-Barré syndrome (a rare disorder where the immune system attacks the nervous system), and details about the process of therapy (both physical and spiritual).

Throughout its pages, the book On Eagle’s Wings promises a revitalizing experience to those who need help in coming to grips during times of powerlessness. Readers will journey with Fr. Joncas toward stronger trust and confidence in God’s goodness.