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Christ Is Here

Celebrate liturgies and other ritual moments with festive choral, contemporary folk-style and lyrical meditative music from Christopher Walker.

This collection from the great Christopher Walker features festive choral music with organ and brass, contemporary folk-style music for the assembly with piano and guitar and lyrical meditative music for keyboard, strings and woodwinds.

While some songs on the collection are more suited for occasions outside the liturgy like evening prayer or a reconciliation service, others are designed to enhance a variety of liturgical moments such as gathering, sending forth and the Liturgy of the Word.

Two of the songs, "How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place" and "Brentwood Alleluia" were written for the dedication of Brentwood Cathedral in Chris' native England, while "Salisbury Alleluia" was created for the first Roman Catholic Mass since the Reformation celebrated in Salisbury Cathedral, also in England.

With music for Lent, Easter, Ordinary Time and more, Christ Is Here offers music for most of the liturgical year. The supplementary songbook gives your musicians everything they need to bring the songs to life.