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A Light in Darkness

A Light in Darkness

Provide solace and comfort during funeral liturgies and accentuate your Lenten and Easter liturgies with this collection from M.D. Ridge.

Satisfying our need to express grief in the midst of loss and suffering, A Light in Darkness provides memorable melodies and well-crafted messages to serve the needs of assemblies as well as individuals. This collection highlights M.D. Ridge’s trademark style of strong, scripturally-based music by expanding the available music accompaniment for funeral services, Lent, Easter and other liturgies throughout the year.

Among the many original compositions is the breakout track “In Exile/En Exilio.” A masterful adaptation and combination of Psalms 13 and 137, this song has different melodies for both the Spanish and English texts that can be sung individually or simultaneously to create a haunting, harmonious effect.

Whether used for liturgy or personal listening, reflection or comfort, A Light in Darkness allows expression of lament while leading mourners to hope in the God who wipes away every tear.