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Children at Heart

Children at Heart

This collection from Paul Inwood is packed with a wide range of meaningful and fresh liturgical songs for children ages 8–12.

Children at Heart is packed with a wide range of meaningful and fresh liturgical songs, from the upbeat "Alleluia 'Ch-Ch'" to the quietly reflective "New and Eternal Day." Written primarily for ages 8–12, it is not condescending; extensive testing with thousands of middle school children, teachers and parents in the U.S. and Great Britain has proven that Children at Heart appeals to listeners of all ages.

This collection includes the first bereavement song written especially for children; a new, more involving setting for the Eucharistic Prayer for Masses with Children (I and II); non-patronizing, inclusive texts for the dismissal chants; and children's choir parts for the eucharistic acclamations.

The songbook contains piano parts, guitar chords with chord charts, solo instrument parts and useful indexes.

 Note: This contains some Mass parts that are no longer approved for liturgical use.