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Solas An Chroí / Light of the Heart

Solas An Chroí / Light of the Heart

Meditate and reflect on God, faith and life with this amazing collection of songs inspired by the Celtic traditions.

Celtic music, as a genre, encompasses everything from traditional tunes to modern fusion, which is what makes this album so universal, and universally loved. These instrumental tracks—inspired by meditations on God, faith and life—provide wonderful guidance for your own reflections upon the same.

Traditional Celtic instruments like the fiddle, Celtic harp, pipe and whistle, are supplemented with modern instruments to create a unique sound that marries old and new. Particularly of note is the title track “Solas an Chroí (Light of the Heart)” for it’s blend of melodies and beats from a variety of cultures that are beautifully blended into a wholly original song.

Blending classic Celtic melodies with modern music and worldly rhythms, this CD makes for a wonderful soundtrack to your life, bringing the beauty and joy of God to every listener.