A collection of original, solo piano pieces ideal for relaxation or quiet meditation.

Jeanne Cotter's homeland of Southern Minnesota served as an inspiration for Amber, a collection of original, solo piano pieces. The intricate yet uncluttered music takes the listener to a sacred place where the beauty of creation melds with the honesty of the soul.

Amber is perfect for relaxation or quiet meditation, for starting out your day spiritually centered or unwinding after a hectic day. Beautiful, inspiring and introspective, this music also provides a soothing atmosphere for work or study.

From the tenderness of the title track to the power expressed in "Mighty River," Jeanne has a mastery over transferring emotions into music. "Aurora" is an especially beautiful song that Jeanne heard in a dream being performed by her late brother. Jeanne transcribed the music from her dream and gave the gift of her brother to us all, to inspire our dreams as well.

If you enjoy the piano meditations of Paul Inwood, Val Parker or Patrick Loomis, you won't want to miss the ethereal sounds of Amber.