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A los que Ama el Señor

A los que Ama el Señor

Bring your Hispanic assembly closer to God with these inspired songs from Juan Antonio Espinoza.

Featuring easy-to-learn melodies and a contemporary style, these songs are a musical reminder of God's merciful, unconditional love for us. With music that speaks to the diversity in today's Church, this collection will make an excellent addition to Spanish liturgies throughout the year.

Drawing inspiration from several sources, including poems by José A. Olivar, Víctor Manuel Arbeloa and Pedro Casaldáliga, Juan Antonio Espinoza has created songs of worship that capture and embody the very definition of happiness. As the Bible tells us, "Happy are those whom the Lord loves. Happy are those who follow his ways."

Whether in worship or personal reflection, this collection of songs will bring listeners closer together and closer to God through its contemporary Latin sound.