In the Midst of Our Storms

In the Midst of Our Storms

A beautiful invitation into the riches of liturgical life.
In the Midst of Our Storms [Book Softcover]

Encounter Christ in vulnerability
Christ offers us himself in the liturgy. Unfortunately, we often don't allow ourselves to fully accept this gift. We distance ourselves from the love of Christ by keeping our storms—our fears and sins, our sorrows and disappointments—hidden from God. To get past our resistance to spiritual intimacy, this book encourages us to encounter Christ in our vulnerability, exploring places that we fear or are embarrassed about.

Liturgical Contemplative Practice
In the Midst of Our Storms presents a eucharistic spirituality that integrates every part of our lives. The method author Roc O'Connor, SJ, calls Liturgical Contemplative Practice aids worshipers in becoming consciously present to the Real Presence.

Learn to be present
Through this method, believers discover how word, gesture and symbol guide them to encounter the risen Christ and to journey to where the liturgy calls them. By bringing their resistances and vulnerabilities into their relationship with God, they become present not only to Christ but to those they are here to serve.

Encounter Christ in worship and prayer
A fairly quick read at just over 100 pages, Father O'Connor's book is well worth the time and money. You'll find yourself coming back to its pages time and again for insights and reminders on how to remain open and to more fully, actively and consciously encounter Christ in worship and prayer.