Compassionate Christ, Compassionate People

By Bob Hurd

Compassionate Christ, Compassionate People

  1st place ACP 2020 Excellence in Publishing Award winner

Enhance your understanding of spirituality within the Christian tradition

Compassionate Christ, Compassionate People [Book Softcover]
Liturgical Foundations of Christian Spirituality

Renowned liturgical musician Bob Hurd discusses Christian spirituality in this academic work on faith tradition within the Church. Deeply rooted in Scripture, he invites us to grow and understand the words and actions we use during the celebration of the Eucharist. Readers will find this text both intriguing and practical as it examines the liturgy from a high-level perspective, while looking closely at the rites and rituals themselves.

Starting from his Roman Catholic roots but working ecumenically, Bob Hurd explores this notion of spirituality in two parts. Part One places it in the theological framework of Creation-Grace-Incarnation, concluding that its specific form is participation in Christ's self-emptying love of God, humankind, and creation. Part Two investigates this kenotic spirituality liturgically, exploring how it comes to expression in the stages of Gathering, Word, Eucharistic Prayer, Communion, and Sending. Comparing and contrasting each stage with corresponding patters in various Protestant traditions, Hurd lays out the possibility of a spirituality common to Christians of various confessions. –excerpt from the back cover of Compassionate Christ, Compassionate People

To aid in understanding, Hurd utilizes comparison charts and diagrams, followed by heavy analysis, to compare various aspects of ritual between Christian denominations. He also takes an in-depth look at the Catholic Mass, along with the meaning, tradition, symbolism and spirituality behind each word and action. This book is an excellent choice for those seeking to gain a better understanding of the Christian faith and the Catholic tradition.