I Want to See

Roc O'Connor, SJ offers spiritual growth from the Gospel of Mark.
I Want to See [Book Softcover]
What the Story of Blind Bartimaeus Teaches Us about Fear Surrender and Walking the Path to Joy

Renowned liturgical musician Roc O'Connor, SJ uses the story of the blind Bartimaeus to show how we can find joy and peace in the world. Reaching out to Christ for help is an important step in our journey. And we should find comfort in the fact that we are called to use Lord as our guide.

In his inspiring and lucid exploration of the [G]ospel, O'Connor shows us how Bartimaeus sits not only at the roadside but at the center of everything Mark wants us to know about being a disciple of Jesus. Bartimaeus knows he blind and living in poverty and despair. And in knowing this, he cries out for help and ends up following Jesus on the Path to Life.

In the same way, says O'Connor, Mark tells us that we too are at a crossroads and it is only by recognizing our own inner blindness. our own fear, anger, and shame, our own need for healing, that we become willing to look up and call to Jesus. –excerpt from the back cover of I Want to See

Each chapter contains questions that can be answered personally or as a group — similar to a bible study. In this way, we can begin the process of spiritual growth immediately and share this growth with those around us. O'Connor asks us to accept our faults, recognize our shortcomings and reach out to Christ for help, as Bartimaeus did.