Could I Paint the Sky?

Could I Paint the Sky?

Inspire readers of all ages with a touching story of service, surrender and faith.

Share a Touching Story of Faith

In her debut book, singer/songwriter Julie Hoy delivers a touching story that speaks to the child in all of us. Messages of service, surrender and faith are set against a backdrop of beautiful, full-color illustrations. Share it aloud with children ages 4–8, thanks to the included CD—featuring narration and the heartfelt title song, written and performed by Julie.

Witness the Work of God's Hands

As Julie and her teenage daughter drove west toward a beautiful Oregon sunset, they were instantly taken by the work of God's hands. "God is a really good artist... If only God would let us have jobs like that," they said. They mused about wanting the job of painting the sky. The next morning, Julie awoke and began writing Could I Paint the Sky?

Seek to Serve

The story centers around a little girl named Madeline Judith, who wants to work for God. She asks God if she could paint the sky for him. When God says "no," she realizes that there are special jobs for each of us to do. While they might not be great big jobs "like moving mountains or painting the sky," what's important is that God knows we are willing to help.

Inspire Readers of All Ages

Honest, concise and easy to understand, Could I Paint the Sky? is an inspiring book that is relevant for readers of all ages. It makes for great conversations and reminds us that whatever God is asking us to do, big or small, it can be done.

ISBN 978-0-98277-710-7 [40 pp, 11.25 x 8.75, hardcover]