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Planning Guide for Worskhops

Thank you for hosting an OCP event.
We are confident that our composer/clinician will provide a memorable experience that will educate and inspire all who participate.

6-12 months prior

  • Set up committee
  • Determine purpose of event
  • Check with diocese to make sure nothing is scheduled that will conflict with event
  • Choose presenter and request dates
  • Confirm date with OCP workshop/event organizer and host
  • Send mailing or fax to various churches and dioceses to have them put event on calendar

6 months prior

  • Plan specifics of event: times, people, publicity, caterers (optional)
  • Receive confirmation letter from workshop/event organizer, sign and return one copy
  • Prepare flyer and contact workshop/event organizer by mail or fax

4 months prior

  • Plan for publicity (see next section): Call Catholic newspaper or local paper with religion section
  • Finalize flyer preparation and prepare to mail upon receipt of flyers
  • Select team to contact other churches and organizations that may be interested in attending
  • Contact caterer (optional)

2-3 months prior

  • Open checking account (optional)
  • Talk with OCP workshop/event organizer regarding travel arrangements for presenter

1 –2 months prior

  • Contact Catholic radio stations. Ask to have a radio spot run for one month prior to event
  • Send news release to diocese or archdiocese
  • Talk with presenter regarding details and requests
  • Arrange for accompanist (if needed)
  • Plan logistics of rehearsals (if applicable)
  • Plan use of space/facilities for event
  • Contact workshop/event organizer for consignment order and workshop materials
  • Reserve hotel/motel room for presenter
  • Open registration
  • Recruit volunteers to handle the following: money, facilities (including equipment), registration, hospitality, transportation and preparation of merchandise for sale

1 month prior

  • Respond to inquiries from interested parties
  • Advertise at other local events
  • Contact local parishes and ask them to put a notice in their Sunday bulletin
  • Deposit to caterer (if applicable)

2 weeks prior

  • Touch base with presenter and OCP workshop/event organizer
  • Prepare registration list
  • Coordinate all committees
  • Send payment for travel expenses
  • Coordinate rehearsals (if necessary)
  • Do banking (if necessary)

1 week prior

  • Prepare nametags, registration materials and registration list
  • Prepare signs, special needs for site: copies of music, beverages and snacks
  • Pre-pay for lodging
  • Plan for someone to meet presenter at airport and provide a meal if time permits
  • Confirm delivery of merchandise and workshop materials. Check accuracy of consignment order.Call OCP workshop/event organizer if there are discrepancies
  • Write prices on placards and bookmarks (enclosed with workshop materials)

1-2 days prior

  • Confer with all teams

To plan an event, call OCP Events at
1-800-LITURGY (548-8749)
or email