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Hope Heal Renew

Hope Heal Renew

Hope Heal Renew: Resources for your ministry

OCP offers a variety of missals, books, music collections and online tools designed to enhance your celebration of the liturgy and inspire your community. Find the resource you need below.


Liturgical ministry and music planning

Planning tools, tips and resources to aid your music ministry.


Adult faith formation, sacramental resources and Catholic Rites

Inspire your community to grow in love and understanding of their faith.


Children’s faith formation, sacramental prep and Catholic schools

Support catechesis in the classroom and in faith formation programs.


Youth and young adult ministry

Planning tools, tips and resources to engage the youth.


Intercultural ministry

Unite the faithful with these Spanish, bilingual and Vietnamese Resources.


Intercultural Music Octavos

Intercultural Music Series cover

Intercultural Music Series

Multilingual music for multicultural celebrations

Trilingual Playlist

For peace and unity – Por la paz y la unidad – Vì hòa bình và hiệp nhất
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COVID Response

The coronavirus has greatly affected the ways in which we worship. At OCP, we realize that this is a difficult time for many. Yet, our commitment to serve the Body of Christ hasn’t changed since our founding. Here, you’ll find a variety of blogs, videos, playlists and fundraising programs designed to assist your community as it faces many tough challenges on the road ahead.

Resources For Home
Resources For Parishes

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