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Engage your assembly with OCP hymnals


the music you love...

Songs that lift spirits. Hymns your assembly knows by heart. Music to unite your diverse community.

OCP hymnals offer an array of songs in a variety of styles, including traditional, contemporary, bilingual, multilingual, chant and more—all the music you need to lead your assembly in song.

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the stability you seek..

Your parishioners walk through the church doors in search of a worship experience that is familiar, yet moving; comfortable, yet engaging.

Inspire your assembly with a repertoire of trusted music in the stability of a permanent resource they can reach for year after year with a hymnal from OCP.


the convenience you need..

Planning liturgies, selecting music, leading rehearsals—serving the faithful in your assembly is your ministry, your vocation.

OCP’s digital hymnal resources make it possible for you to carry out your ministry with the convenience and accessibility of eBooks and online editions.

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the traditions you honor...

Singing “Las Mañanitas at dawn to Our Lady of Guadalupe, lighting candles at the Easter Vigil, processing through the streets on Corpus Christi—traditions that bring meaning to our Catholic faith.

An OCP hymnal provides music to enrich the traditions cherished by your community, allowing them to be passed on to future generations


the diversity you celebrate...

Young, old, contemporary, traditional, multicultural, multigenerational—your parish is unique and diverse, an eclectic mix of age, culture, race and taste.

However you describe your congregation, each OCP hymnal offers a unique balance of styles and music to meet their needs as they come together to celebrate their faith.

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