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Change in Your Pocket

Ceili Rain
Bob Halligan Jr

Music that speaks to us where we're at, presenting the Christian message in the context of everyday life.
Change in Your Pocket [CD]

Introducing Ceili Rain, one of best-kept secrets in contemporary Christian music. Described as a cross between the Beatles and the Chieftains, this talented group adds button accordion, bagpipes, tin whistle and fiddle to the usual guitars and drums to create a flamboyant, Celtic-Irish flavored pop-rock sound you can't resist. Change in Your Pocket, their fourth and most recent album -- and first for OCP -- proves they continue to perfect this unique and mirthful style.

Led by Bob Halligan, Jr., Ceili Rain takes a gentle, roundabout approach to evangelizing. Knowing many folks "don't love to be preached at," they create music that speaks to us where we're at, presenting the Christian message in the context of everyday life. Intended for "kids from three to 93," as Bob puts it, the 12 original songs on Change in Your Pocket will reach even the most hard-hearted of us.

The title track suggests that even the smallest acts of charity can make an enormous difference: "With the change in your pocket you could change the world." Selected to appear on the Live It! compilation and one of this album's highlights, "Pencil in Your Hand" is a beautifully written pop gem asking God to let us be the pencil he uses to "write Your people a love letter." Disguised as a light-hearted baseball song, "This Is October" gently encourages us all to take seriously the work and service we've been called to.

Drummer Jerry Marotta, who has recorded with Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, Sarah McLaughlan and many others, produced the collection. Jerry also plays drums here, joining the core band members on a number of tracks. Tony Levin, who has played with Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon and John Lennon, joins them on bass.