This debut album is an irresistible mix of hard-driving rock, sweet ballads, pop and jazz.

His debut album
If this is his debut, it's hard to imagine how high this Texas singer/songwriter will climb. Through the Storm is brilliant and tightly produced, an irresistible mix of hard-driving rock, sweet ballads, pop and jazz. These songs and the talent Curtis has gathered to perform it rival anything being produced in the secular music industry.

Hard rock sound gets your blood pumping
Hold on to your hats: Curtis rocks, taking Christian music beyond where most are willing to go. He pushes the envelope with a multi-layered hard rock sound that gets your blood pumping. He does it, though, without slipping into intensity for the sake of intensity. For Curtis, being in the "zone" isn't about drugs or escaping reality. It's knowing "my savior's walkin' with me."

Music about the One who gets us through the storm
It's not all flowers and fairy tales because, Curtis knows, life's not like that. He's been through the storms of hard times, and knows Who got him through. These 11 songs, 10 of them written or co-written by Curtis, are his way of leading people to the Help that's at hand when we're "in over our head."

11 songs: rock, ballads, pop and jazz
The album closes with "Lullaby for Alice," a heart-rending jazz elegy for his oldest sister, who died just days after birth. From the tenderness of this and the other ballads to the rush of his rock tracks, Through the Storm is quite a ride. Don't miss it.