Echo of Your Peace
Rich tapestry of music spanning 25 years captures Cyprian's message of hope, peace and healing.

Contemplation through spirituality and the arts
Musician, composer, author, teacher and monk. Cyprian Consiglio is a man of many dimensions, but his music and teachings revolve around one central theme: answering the Universal Call to Contemplation through spirituality and the arts.

Music celebrates 25-year career
Echo of Your Peace gathers songs from a rich tapestry of music spanning 25 years. This diverse collection includes tracks from his first album (There Is a Light), all three of his projects with longtime collaborator John Pennington, as well as compositions recorded specifically for this compilation.

Amazing variety of musical styles
Full of tight harmonies, "There Is a Light" gives the album a soulful a cappella opening. "Echo of Your Peace" showcases Cyprian's incredible vocal range in a powerful, soaring plea. Text drawn from Harriet Kolfak's poem is beautifully brought to life in "Awakening." "Sab Bhole" features masterful acoustic guitar work that acts as extended meditations on the lovely mantras of this Hindi song. East meets west in "Spirit in the Cave of the Heart," as bluegrass acoustic guitar exists in harmony with chanting of the English translation of an Indian bhajan.

Reflection of love for comparative religion
This collection is a powerful reflection of Cyprian's great love for comparative religion. A distinct turn to the East, both musically and spiritually, can be heard halfway through the CD. Echo of Your Peace provides both new and longtime fans an album that captures the variety of musical styles Cyprian employs to sing of hope, peace and healing.

Tracks: There Is a Light | Echo of Your Peace | Behind and Before Me | Streams of Living Water | As One Unkown | Asato ma/Lead Me from Death Into Life | Awakening | For God Alone | Sab Bhole | Moon in My Body | He Prabhu | Compassionate and Wise | Spirit in the Cave of the Heart | Vedahametam