A Heritage of Hymns

Melodies from Around the World

Willard Jabush

A Heritage of Hymns
Lift up your heart to God with 110 treasured hymns from around the world.
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A Heritage of Hymns [Guitar Songbook]
Melodies from Around the World

Sing in church, school or at home
Using contemporary English texts grounded in Sacred Scripture, A Heritage of Hymns offers an accessible introduction to melodies from France, Germany and the U.S. to Poland, Spain and everywhere in between. Share these songs of praise in church, school or at home with lyrics that follow the season or feast celebrated in the original language.

Welcome time-tested tunes into your worship life
From tunes you've heard since childhood to new discoveries that lift your voice in song, this collection of 110 treasured hymns carry a rich history of inspiring worship through the unifying power of music.