What a Joy!
Give new life to the biblical message with 27 songs of praise.

Rejoice in God's love
Music has a way of breathing new life into words normally spoken or written on a page. Hear the biblical message with fresh ears and rejoice in song with uplifting melodies that carry God's love into your daily life.

Enrich worship throughout the year
From pieces that celebrate the coming of the Lord ("Enter the Stable" and "Mary Loved Her Baby") to selections for Epiphany ("In the Cold Three Eastern Kings) and Holy Week ("Jesus Went with His Disciples"), What a Joy! is packed with 27 songs to enrich worship throughout the year.

Tracks: What Did You Go Out to See | What More Can I Do | God Is My Stronghold | God Led His People | Listen Now, Jerusalem | Come Out, Lazarus | What a Joy | Like the Trees | Hear Now the Universe | Jesus Went with His Disciples | Madonna of the Little Ones | Every Day is a Hymn of Beauty | Oh Come, Lord Jesus | Stainless the Maiden | Many Times I Have Turned | Such a Proof of Love | Arise in Beauty | In the Cold Three Eastern Kings | When the Angel Came That Morning | Dancing David | In the Darkness | The Walls of Jericho | Enter the Stable | Have You Seen the Face of Jesus | Lord, Remember | Mary Loved Her Baby | We Celebrate This Festive Day