Glory to God All the Earth/Pu Shi Rong Zan

Glory to God All the Earth/Pu Shi Rong Zan
Unite Chinese and bilingual Catholics in faith with some of the St. Louis Jesuits' most beloved songs!

Bring Chinese and bilingual Catholics together in song
Celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Jesuits' impact on China, this intra-cultural resource brings Chinese and bilingual Catholics together through the power of music. Rediscover some of the St. Louis Jesuits' most popular songs (1980–2004), as well as an original title composed specifically for this collection.

Give new voice to beloved melodies
Each of the 15 songs feature fluent and fitting Chinese that is accessible for all ages, including ordained clergy, pastoral musicians and linguistic experts. The Southern California Chinese Catholic Chorale combine with Chinese and western musical arrangements to breathe new life into melodies that have become staples in worship communities around the world.

Enjoy beloved classics and a future favorite
From upbeat classics—"Though the Mountains May Fall" and "Lift Up Your Hearts"—to beloved ballads—"Here I Am, Lord" and "Be Not Afraid"—this album has it all. Plus, enjoy a song that is sure to become a future favorite: "China, God's Kingdom," by Rev. Louis C. Zee and Liliana Hsueh-Gutierrez.

Reflect. Pray. Serve.
Whether you're looking to unite your assembly in faith, or enrich your individual spiritual journey, Glory to God All the Earth/Pu Shi Rong Zan offers a wealth of music that honors the Ignatian principles of meditation, reflection, prayer and service.

Tracks: City of God | You Are Near | Come to the Water | Though the Mountains May Fall | Turn to Me | This Alone | All the Ends of the Earth | O Beauty, Ever Ancient | Here I Am, Lord | China, God's Kingdom | The Cry of the Poor | Only This I Want | Be Not Afraid | Take, Lord, Receive | Lift Up Your Hearts