Deeper Than You Are
Poems to brighten your day

Drawn from everyday experiences
Touching on themes that range from hot summer days and hummingbirds to peace and God's providence, this lovely book of poetry from Jesuit Father Bob Fabing offers glimpses, both playful and genuine, into everyday experiences.

A book for contemplation
Similar to With Roses for All, Father Fabing's new book of poetry was inspired by the people he meets, the world around him, his spiritual encounters and daily life in general. The typesetting throughout the book has been done in such a way that the reader can linger over every word. This is not a book to be read quickly, but rather a book for contemplation and reflection. A meaningful way to enhance the depth of the poetry is to listen to the beautiful instrumental versions of Father Fabing's music such as his newest collection, Seeking You.

Poetry for enjoyment
In the preface Father Fabing writes "Poetry speaks to heart and mind at the same time revealing to a human being that one needs not prove anything to anyone...only to enjoy one's gift of being alive to oneself...." Deeper Than You Are allows the reader to do just that, enjoy life and the gift God has granted us of living it.