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One Voice, Many Rhythms
It addresses the role of liturgy, spirituality and popular piety in culturally diverse Catholic assemblies.
One Voice, Many Rhythms [Book Softcover]

An authoritative guide on multicultural ministries
Father Juan Sosa understands the challenges of ministering in a multicultural parish. A priest and composer in the Archdiocese of Miami, he's served immigrant communities in South Florida for many years. Inspired by first-hand experiences, his new book is an authoritative and encouraging guide for fellow priests, musicians and other pastoral ministers.

Addresses the role of liturgy, spirituality and popular piety
One Voice, Many Rhythms addresses the role of liturgy, spirituality and popular piety in culturally diverse Catholic assemblies. Drawn from his extensive work with parishes around the country, the reflections cover the future of liturgical texts in Spanish, the unifying power of music and the sacraments, and more.

"Accept one another as a 'communion of believers'"
"I am delighted to see this dialogue among the many cultures that shape the multicultural reality of this nation," he states in the conclusion. "The exploration of a true, authentic inculturation, however, cannot take place unless the local communities accept one another as a 'communion of believers.'" That communion is Father Sosa's ultimate goal.

Closes with a charming anecdote
The book closes with a charming anecdote. About ten years ago, he was assigned as a chaplain on a Caribbean cruise. After visiting a priest friend in Venezuela, at a port of call, he returned to the dock only to see the ship on the horizon, sailing away.

"Stranded, undocumented, at the mercy of others"
For two days, he was "stranded, undocumented, at the mercy of others, dependent upon [the] Church." The incident expanded his awareness of -- and compassion for -- those who face similar challenges on a daily basis in our country. From that moment on," he could not ignore anyone who knocks at the door.

Scholarly yet accessible, One Voice, Many Rhythms makes enlightening reading for all who serve and worship in multilingual parishes in the U.S.