Savior of the Nations, Come

Savior of the Nations, Come

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Savior of the nations, come;

Show the glory of the Son!

Marvel now, O heav’n and earth,

That our Lord chose such a birth.


Not by human flesh and blood,

By the spirit of our God

Was the word of God made flesh,

Woman’s offspring, pure and fresh.


Wondrous birth! O wondrous child

Of the Virgin undefiled!

Mighty God and man in one,

Eager now his race to run!


God Creator is his source,

Back to God he runs his course,

Down to death and hell descends,

God’s high throne he reascends.


Now your lowly manger bright

Hallows night with newborn light;

Let no night this light subdue,

Let our faith shine ever new.

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Day: Season of Christmas Christmas (Days of)
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Scripture: Proverbs 8
Luke 1
Luke 2
John 1
Psalm 67