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The seven sacraments of the Catholic Church

The seven sacraments of the Catholic Church


The seven sacraments of the Catholic Church

A blog series


Understanding the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church is pretty basic at one level. We learn about them in school and celebrate many of them as children. Eucharist, confirmation, baptism, reconciliation — these are all part of our memories, or we at least have seen them celebrated.

Still, as we grow into adulthood, very often we do not update our understanding of the sacraments. It is really important that as we start to think like adults, we revisit the sacraments. There is much to learn.

Here in this set of blog postings, Jethro Higgins offers an in-depth examination of the sacraments — what they mean, who they are for and how they are celebrated. There is a posting for each of the sacraments, giving both history and doctrine. Especially for those sacraments that we don’t witness as often, ordination and anointing of the sick, there is a lot for us to consider.

Let these posts be the start of a wider investigation into the sacramental life of the Church. Hopefully they will spark questions, and send you on a journey of discovery. It is part of the journey of a life of faith.


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Sacraments of Healing


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