January 9, 2020

Into the Arms of God: Overcoming Loss

Into the Arms of God: Overcoming Loss

What is one supposed to feel when the sword of grief has pierced the heart; when the stability and confidence of a loving family has been shattered with loss?

A hope was planted in my heart many years ago, when I came face to face with the tragic death of my father at age 59, the week of Thanksgiving. I was wordless; all expression of emotion was shut down. I withdrew from showing any personal emotions that might break the enclosure that protected my fragile being which had been shaken to the very core.

In retrospect, I now see that I hid my feelings of devastation to myself, along with my mother and four siblings. Our Thanksgiving meal was eaten in silence. With a neighbor cooking and serving, the six of us sat in a daze of shock and sadness. Only many years later did I emerge from that place of frozen grief and begin to deal with “wounds of many yesterdays.”

The hope that was created from my father’s death all those years ago was that someday I could find words of compassion to say to my loved ones in their passing, and that I could also help others let go of their loved ones. Entrusting someone close into the merciful arms of God is a gift of love, and it is never too late to do so — even if the time of their passing into the mystery of Eternity was long ago.

“Into the arms of God, we let you go in peace; your heart and soul now healed with love in God’s eternity.”

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