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We will be closing today at 12:00 PM PT, standing in solidarity with the US Catholic bishops and the music industry against racism. OCP has a long, continuous history of fighting against prejudice and discrimination. We will be taking time to pause and reflect, praying for peace, reconciliation and the dignity of all human beings.

Normal business hours will resume tomorrow.


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March 7, 2017

Webinar: Successful Recommendations for Catholic Stewardship and Capital Fundraising

Webinar: Successful Strategies for Catholic Stewardship and Capital Fundraising

Has your parish ever experienced a flat response to a stewardship campaign? Learn how to increase the success of your fundraising efforts in OCP’s free webinar Successful Recommendations for Catholic Stewardship and Capital Fundraising. Join Koren Ruiz as he walks you through the entire process of capital fundraising, from organizing your plan to thanking your community.

In this 60-minute webinar, you will:

  • Learn the steps to develop a cohesive campaign plan
  • Explore how to train a leadership team and develop communication materials
  • Find out the best way to inform and inspire your community about your campaign
Koren Ruiz
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Koren Ruiz


OCP composer Koren Ruiz is founder and president of Corresponsables de Dios (Stewards of God), an organization that supports Catholic communities in the creation of lasting solutions for stewardship and planned giving. He serves the community of Ascension Parish in Portland, Oregon, as choir director. Koren holds bachelor’s degrees in business administration and organizational psychology from Western Oregon University, and an MBA from the University of Portland.