June 20, 2016

Breaking Bread Digital Music Library: Getting buy-in from your leadership

4 step infographic


Here are the tools and information you need to help the leadership team in your parish understand why Breaking Bread Digital Music Library is perfect for your worship community.


Step 1: Contact OCP for a quote. The Breaking Bread Digital Music Library price is customized based on your parish’s existing subscriptions, which is why we don’t share cost information online.

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Step 2: Review all the great features included in Breaking Bread Digital Music Library. Consider sharing copies of this fact sheet with decision-makers in your community.

Download Fact Sheet

Step 3: Watch the Breaking Bread Digital Music Library demo.

Step 4: Download presentation slides. Plug in your personalized pricing quote (see Step 1) and the PowerPoint presentation can be used as is, or customize based on your needs.

Download Slides


Good luck! If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable product specialists at 888-260-7206.