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Transfiguration Catholic Church — A once-declining parish blossoming with new energy

Meet Jo-Anne.

Jo-Anne is a music director at Transfiguration Parish, located in a middle class area of St. Petersburg, Florida. When the parish’s school closed, they long struggled to attract new parishioners.

Today, the parish’s hope for population growth lies in attracting Catholics from the city’s growing Hispanic, Tongan and Vietnamese communities. Jo-Anne works tirelessly to keep the parish’s liturgical music current using an array of OCP resources — Today’s Missal, Misal del Día, Flor y Canto and Spirit & Song — to appeal to the diverse music preferences of parishioners. Over the years, Jo-Anne has seen trends come and go, but she knows beautiful music will always draw people into faith.

Discover how Transfiguration’s community has drawn new people to worship through the music in OCP missals.


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