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OCP—serving the Catholic community for 100 years

As the Church has changed, OCP has always sought—and will continue to seek— to grow and change with it. From our beginnings 100 years ago as a beacon of information for Catholics in Oregon to the publisher of the most widely distributed missal programs in the U.S., we have certainly come a long way.


1922: In the early 1920s the Ku Klux Klan was rampant in Oregon and the persecution of Catholics was one of its main goals. To combat the Klan, Archbishop Alexander Christie established the Catholic Truth Society of Oregon—the original name of OCP. The stated purpose was to provide Catholics and non-Catholics alike with information about the Church and the activities of its educational and charitable institutions.

1925: The Catholic Truth Society of Oregon prints and distributes a quarter million pamphlets about the Church to 25 states, the Philippine islands and some parts of Canada.

1928: The Catholic Truth Society incorporates and acquires the Catholic Sentinel, which had been the diocesan newspaper for the state of Oregon since 1870, and continues to be one of the most successful, award-winning diocesan newspapers in the United States.