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OCP Parish Grants Program

Deadline for applications is May 30, 2024

The OCP Parish Grants Program is a unique program of direct financial grants authorized by the OCP Board of Directors to provide assistance to parishes seeking to enhance the worship experience of their parish community. They serve to develop and reinforce liturgical and music ministries, to help start multicultural ministries, and to assist parishes in welcoming new communities as they expand the U.S. Catholic Church.

The OCP Parish Grants Program was established as a means of providing Catholic parishes with financial support for religious, educational and charitable purposes. Roman Catholic parishes and campus ministries (that can demonstrate a consistent Mass schedule throughout the year) in the United States and U.S. territories are eligible to apply. Grants are awarded annually, and the number and amounts given vary from year to year.

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How to apply

Applications are ONLY accepted online. Use this helpful worksheet to ensure you are ready to fill out an application. It lists all the information you'll need for the application process.

Keep in mind, once you begin filling out an application, your progress cannot be saved, so you'll need to be prepared to fill it out completely once you begin.



“We were absolutely delighted to receive the very generous award issued through the OCP grant program…. This gift allows us to go ahead and continue our research on replacing the old organ! Our prayers and appreciation are with you during the upcoming holiday. God bless and once again, thank you.

—St. Theresa, New Berlin, New York


“Your commitment to supporting local communities has a profound impact on the cultural and spiritual life of our congregation. The music plays a vital role in our worship experience, and your contribution will undoubtedly enhance the spiritual journey of our parishioners.”

—St. Leo the Great Church, Cincinnati, Ohio


“I wanted to drop a line with an update of the success your grant has been for our small rural St. Vincent Catholic Church in Connell, WA. We have purchased guitars, stands, OCP music [for a ‘Glory Guitars’ group] – the group includes 3-9th graders. We have led the music at 5 children’s Masses at our parish – a new addition to our liturgy, thanks to the formation of the Glory Guitars. …Thanks for helping us to involve our kids in their Catholic faith.”

—St. Vincent Catholic Church, Connell, Washington


Find quick answers to common Parish Grants questions along with a list of past recipients.

FAQs     2023 Recipients

The OCP Parish Grants Program is a unique program of direct financial grants authorized by the OCP Board of Directors to provide assistance to parishes and campus ministries seeking to enhance the worship experience of their community.

Parish Grant applications are open to:

Any Roman Catholic parish in the United States or U.S. territories that did not receive an OCP Parish Grant the prior year may apply. Since 2021, college and university campus ministries such as Newman Centers (demonstrating a consistent Mass schedule throughout the liturgical year) can also apply. Awarded grants must be used for liturgical and/or musical purposes. Applicants do not have to use an OCP worship program to qualify.

We do not currently have a grants program in place to support the needs of youth or prison ministries, or for religious communities, such as monasteries, convents or seminaries.

Recipients of a Parish Grant must use the money for liturgical and/or musical purposes.

Parish Grants are commonly used for:

  • Improving multicultural ministries with additional training and purchasing of bilingual worship materials;
  • Providing online, digital or electronic resources to support liturgy preparation;
  • Upkeep, repair and replacement of musical instruments, equipment and facilities;
  • Purchasing music, hymnals and other worship materials;
  • Attending or hosting musical or liturgical conferences or workshops.

Pastors will be notified of the results of their application. Award decisions are at OCP’s sole discretion, and all decisions are final. Recipients of an OCP grant must comply with any and all applicable laws and regulations in connection with the grant and the funded project. In order to protect your privacy, any information shared with OCP in connection to the grants program will be used to process your application and will not be shared with anybody else, unless or except as authorized by you, the applicant. This grant program is void outside of the U.S., U.S. Territories, and where prohibited by law. Recipients must allow for public announcement of their award by OCP and be willing to share their experiences through OCP publications and other media.