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Catholic hymn books: Discover missal and hymnal programs that are right for your community

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Why choose an OCP missal?

  • With new music added every year, OCP missals offer a dynamic, evolving repertoire
  • Published annually or seasonally, OCP missals are always up to date
  • Arranged according to the liturgical calendar, OCP missals are an easy-to-use resource with Catholic hymns and Sunday readings as well as readings for holydays of obligation and special celebrations
  • 100% recyclable, OCP missals are an eco-friendly choice
  • Free support materials allow more money for your parish's other needs

Why choose an OCP hymnal?

  • A stable collection of hymns, anthems and songs provides trusted sacred music Roman Catholics can sing for years to come
  • The unique balance of styles means you can find the Catholic community hymnal that's right for you
  • eBooks and online versions provide a convenient way to access your church music
  • Hardbound covers and durable pages ensure the very highest quality
  • No recurring annual cost makes a hymnal an economical choice
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