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Frequently asked questions


Who is eligible for an OCP Parish Grant?

Any Roman Catholic parish in the United States that did not receive an OCP Parish Grant the prior year may apply. Starting in 2021, college and university campus ministries such as Newman Centers (demonstrating a consistent Mass schedule throughout the liturgical year) can also apply. Awarded grants must be used for liturgical and/or musical purposes. Applicants do not have to use an OCP worship program to qualify.

We do not currently have a grants program in place to support the needs of youth or prison ministries, or for religious communities, such as monasteries, convents or seminaries.


What can I use the grant for?

The use of the grant must be linked to liturgy and/or music.

Some common uses of grants include:

  • Improving multicultural ministries with additional training and purchasing of bilingual worship materials;
  • Upkeep, repair and replacement of musical instruments and equipment;
  • Attending or hosting musical or liturgical conferences or workshops;
  • Upkeep, repair and maintenance of facilities;
  • Purchasing music, hymnals and other worship materials;
  • Providing online, digital or electronic resources to support liturgy preparation.

When are you accepting applications for OCP grants?

2024 applications are being accepted now through May 30, 2024.


How do I apply?

All applications are electronic and are available on our website during the open application period.


When are the recipients announced?

All applicants will receive a letter from OCP in August, addressed to the pastor or parish administrator, letting them know whether or not they were selected to receive a grant.


If we received a grant last year, can we apply again this year?

In order to reach the most parishes possible, we require recipients to wait at least one year before applying again.


Can I see which parishes received a grant in the past?

You can view a list of last year’s recipients here.