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Missal and hymnal comparison

With so many resources available, it can be difficult to know what makes one missal or hymnal different than all the others. This missal-hymnal comparison chart aims to highlight the main differences between OCP’s missals and hymnals so that you can be sure to have the right Catholic resource for your parish’s liturgy and worship. Find out how many Mass settings are included, if a resource contains readings and more to ensure you select the right resource for your community.

** Mass propers include: reading citations, antiphons, response to the Psalm, citations for alternate readings for memorials
*** Contains seasonal and common psalm settings
% Traditional hymns % Mainstream liturgical music % Contemporary songs
KAB = Keyboard accompaniment book | GAB = Guitar accompaniment book | SIB = Solo Instrument accompaniment book | COT = Chords over text

Download a PDF version of this chart.