• In support of those attending streamed Masses, OCP is offering a 50% discount on missals for individual use (1–4 copies), so that parishioners can continue to worship from home. Use coupon code 50OFF.
  • And to support your parish ministry, use the coupon code DIGITAL15 for a 15% discount on all digital products (excluding subscriptions).


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March 24, 2020

Parish resources

Resources for Parishes

COVID-19 has changed parish life in a way many of us never expected. Walking this new path in ministry together, OCP is here to help connect you with digital experiences, so that you may continue to serve your parish community. Below is a list of regularly updated resources to help you reach your parishioners remotely.

Streaming the Mass

Follow this walk-through to quickly begin streaming your Sunday and daily Masses.

Streaming Mass

Free streaming license

OCP has supported you with a free streaming license through April 15, 2020. The walk-through (linked above) provides further details on how best to include copyright lines on your streamed services.

Streaming permission is granted to include OCP music in the recorded services that you stream or broadcast through your parish website. This permission is granted through April 15, at no charge, during this unprecedented time when communities cannot gather to celebrate in large groups. We ask that you post the copyright lines for any OCP songs included in your celebrations on the website used for streaming liturgies. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Leanna Boyd in the Contract & Royalty Administration Department at

In addition to the OCP streaming license above, reprint and projection permission is granted through April 15 through ONE LICENSE. Read this announcement from ONE LICENSE for details.


Planning and sheet music delivery

You can better plan and communicate with your limited music ensembles remotely by using with one of our digital music libraries. Both our Spirit & Song Digital Library and our Breaking Bread Digital Music Library offer a FREE 60-day trial that comes with a subscription to allows you to create and customize an outline for your streamed liturgy. You can also share all sheet music and MP3s of the songs needed for the liturgy, so your team can access all of the music without attending a physical rehearsal. These resources will be made available to you during this remote worship period, even if you don’t have Breaking Bread or Spirit & Song in your pews.

Start a FREE trial, and if you don’t think the services would bring a long-term benefit to your community, simply stop using the trial subscription after your two-month period ends, you will not be charged. We hope that this helps to sustain your ministry through this dark time. Click one of the digital libraries below, and fill out the form on the page. A member of our Customer Success team will assist you in getting started!

Spirit & Song Digital Library
Breaking Bread Digital Music Library

Parish communications

Partner with OCP

We have created this email template to help connect your parishioners with relevant resources to support their worship from home. Feel free to edit it as you see fit. We have left spaces in the template for you to add your own content, so that we can reach out to your parish together, offering our joint support for their remote worshiping experiences.

Resources for pastors

We are developing content to help support pastors who are finding it difficult to continue aspects of their ministry digitally. Check back later when this section is updated with more helpful content.

Resources for consolation and grief

As public gatherings shut down around the world, pain and grief are not finding their usual comforting outlets in gatherings like funerals and prayer services. Return here to find updated content that will help support those struggling with grief.

Personal missals at 50% off

Please share the coupon code 50OFF with your parishioners on social media, your parish website or through email, so that they may obtain their own copy of your parish’s missal to help connect them to the experience of worship in the parish.

Streaming audio

We are curating playlists for Healing, Lent, Easter and Hope that can be shared and linked in your parish communications. You can also easily find our regularly updated streaming channels at the bottom of every page on Follow our profiles to receive all updates on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

Healing in Christ
Healing in Christ

Streaming events

Many of our artists and presenters are responding to this crisis by hosting streamed digital content on their social media accounts. We have created a calendar for these events, so that you can access them from home and share them with your parishioners.

Social media

Mention: Mention @OCPmusic in your posts and livestreams on social media, so we can connect with and share in your remote worshiping experiences.

Parish Grants

Just a quick reminder about our Parish Grants program. As budgets become tighter through all of this, we want to encourage you to apply for a grant today. Applications are currently open. Follow the link for further details.

Digital sheet music at 15% off

We also offer a massive online collection of digital sheet music, and the vast majority of OCP songs are available for purchase in PDF format. You can access them today by finding a song on our Catholic Songs page. Search by topic, season, ritual and a variety of other options to find the songs that support your ministry efforts as they evolve to respond to the current situation. We want to do what we can to support you and help make these resources more accessible, so we’re offering all of our digital products at a 15% discount. Use the coupon code DIGITAL15 at checkout to receive the discount. This coupon also applies to our eBook products.