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  • God, Our Source and Life, Unite Us

    In this episode of the Commons, Robert Feduccia sits down with Trevor to discuss the song, God, Our Source and Life, Unite Us. In respon...
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  • We Adore

    In this thoughtful and beautiful ballad, Sarah Hart reflects on the birth of Jesus within the larger context of his role as Savior of th...
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  • Come to Us

    Steve Angrisano composed a thoughtful song from the point of view of the Magi, whose courage led them through uncertainty to the Son of...
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  • Prepare the Way

    Michael Avolicino presents his fresh and appealing approach to Isaiah 40, the classic Scripture passage for Advent that offers hope to t...
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  • For All the Saints

    Trevor Thomson brings acoustic freshness to the iconic hymn, For All the Saints. His gentle guitar arrangement helps to underscore the i...
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