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  • The Body of Christ

    Sarah Hart’s new song has a simple refrain that people can sing from memory as they process to the altar for Communion. The verses exp...
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  • We Are One

    Originally composed by Janèt Sullivan Whitaker as a theme song for a youth conference of the same name, “We Are One” is a timely so...
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  • Sacred Silence/Paz Sagrada

    Tom Booth says the inspiration for “Sacred Silence” arrived upon him during group prayer. “The priest stopped talking, I stopped p...
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  • Drawn to You

    Sarah Hart composed this song for the Presentation and Preparation of the Gifts as part of Love as Never Before, her upcoming collection...
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  • Our God Is Here/Dios Está Aquí

    Iván Díaz and Chris Muglia collaborate on a new Spanish and English version of Chris’ popular contemporary worship song. Originally...
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